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Agripellet Ltd deals with introduction to straw pellet and its retail and wholesale distribution. 

We are also importers for Carborobot boilers, boilers burning different fuels are universal, as well as automatic.
If you heat with straw pellet you protect the environment, also local jobs and are independent of fluctuations in world prices of fossil fuel combustion.
In contrast to burning fossil fuels does not release any additional CO2, as grass and straw burning.
Therefore, straw pellets will substantially contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and reduce global climate change.

Straw pellet: Future Fuel
Pellets from the straw without the additives in the production and the quality of their own, as well as continuously monitored by a third party to ensure the preservation of the quality level in accordance with the certificate. Our clients are individuals, institutions, businesses, real estate developers and managers, as well as the apartments.